Class 11 Economics Model Question 2081

Are you searching class 11 economics model question paper 2081? Your search is finally going to be stopped here. Here, You will get the model questions of economics according to revised curriculum of class 11 2081.

class 11 economics model question paper


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Class 11 Economics Model Question Paper (English Medium)

Eco. [303]

Model Question 2081
Grade: XI
Time: 3 Hrs. Full Marks: 75

The candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A
Very Short Answer Questions
Attempt All Questions. (11 x 1 = 11)

1.What is an economic good?
2. If demand function is: Qd = 150 +10P and supply function is:Qs =
300 – 20P, find the equilibrium price.
3. What is the closed economy?
4. How is the disposable income calculated?
5. What is the economic development?
6. Write any two features of Nepalese Economy.
7. Mention any two uses of mineral resources in the agriculture sector.
8. Write any two applications of internet.
9. Write any two uses of Mathematics in Economics.
10.Find the differential coefficient of 3𝑥
11. Find the slope of the straight line passing through the points A(2, 3) and B(5, 7).

(Group B)
Short Answer Questions
Attempt All Questions (8 x 5 = 40)
12.Explain the Marshallian definition of economics.
cyjf (Or),
What is labour? Explain its features. (1+4=5)
13.Explain the law of demand.
14.Answer the following questions based on the given table.
Find the elasticity of supply when the price of a commodity
increases from Rs.5 to Rs. 15.
Find the elasticity of supply when price of a commodity decreases
from Rs. 15 to Rs. 10.
16. Mention the functions of money.
17. Evaluate the causes of Nepalese economy lagging behind in the
process of economic development.
18. Explain the effects of climate change in the economy of Nepal.
19. Find the equation of straight line which passes through the point A(-5, 10) and makes equal intercepts on both axes.
If the production function is given by : Q = 4L + 3L2 + 7L3
, then solve the following questions:
Find marginal production function.
Find the marginal product when unit of labour is 5.

(Group C)
Long Answer Questions
Attempt All Questions (3 X 8 = 24)
21.Why measurement of national income is more difficult in
developing countries like Nepal? Explain.
22. Evaluate the efforts made for the modernization and
commercialization of agriculture in Nepal.
Examine the role of industrial sector in the economic development
of Nepal.