Class 11 English Notes: Guide & Summary 2081

Class 11 English Notes 2081 is a comprehensive guide with the collection of notes, questions answers, grammar solution and summaries of class 11 english book all chapters. You can click on any chapter name, and instantly get complete exercise solution with summary. You can also download class 11 English Notes PDF using the download button which is located at the last of every notes. 

Section II : Literature


Unit Story Exercise
1. The Selfish Giant Exercise
2. The Oval Portrait Exercise
3. God Sees the Truth but Waits Exercise
4. The Wish Exercise
5. Civil Peace Exercise
6. Two Little Soldiers Exercise
7. An Astrologer's Day Exercise


Unit Poem Exercise
1. Corona Says Exercise
2. A Red, Red Rose Exercise
3. All the world’s a stage Exercise
4. Who are you little I? Exercise
5. The Gift in Wartime Exercise


Unit Essay Exercise
1. Sharing Tradition Exercise
2. How to Live Before You die? Exercise
3. What I require from Life? Exercise
4. What is Poverty? Exercise
5. Scientific Research is the token for mankind’s survival Exercise

One Act Plays

Unit Play Exercise
1. A Sunny Morning Exercise
2. Refund Exercise
3. Trifles Exercise

Section I : Language Developement

Unit Topic Link
1. Education First - Education and Humanity Notes
2. Communication: Freewriting Notes
3. Media and Society Notes
4. History and Culture Notes
5. Life and Love Notes
6. Health and Exercise Notes
7. Foresters without Diplomas Notes
8. Humour and Satire Notes
9. Democracy and Human Rights Notes
10. The Tattered Blanket Notes
11. Arts and creation Notes
12. Fantasy Notes
13. Mahabir Pun Notes
14. Power and Politics Notes
15. War and Peace Notes
16. Critical Thinking Notes
17. Globalization and Diaspora Notes
18. Immigration and Identity Notes
19. Travel and Tourism Notes
20. Science and Technology Notes

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Some thoughts on Class 11 English Guide:

Class 11 English Guide and PDF Notes of all chapters Solution

Who is the author of these Notes?

The author of these notes is The SR Zone. The notes are copyright protected under the name, The SR Zone. Writing notes for a whole textbook by yourself is pretty tough. As writer, we dedicated a lot of time and energy making these notes and want readers to recognize the effort that went into them. You can also get these notes in our YouTube Channel - The SR Zone. 

Are these notes based on New Curriculum?

Yes, these notes follow the latest syllabus of class 11 english book, ie- 2080. The course was revised in the year 2077. Since then, this syllabus is being officially taught in all schools and colleges. This syllabus is going to be taught for few more years if there required any ammendments on the content of the book.

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How to get Class 11 English Model Question Paper?

If you want to test your knowledge and understanding of class 11 english book, you might want to find class 11 english model question paper. Do not worry, we are providing you the model question paper as well. You can go to this link for Class 11 English Model Question Paper.