Class 12 English Notes: Guide & Summary 2081

Are you looking for easy to understand notes for your 12th grade English class? The SR Zone has made Class 12 English notes for the year 2081. It has summaries and notes from all the chapters in your English textbook.

Just click on the links corresponding to the chapter name, and you will see the solution and notes of that chapter. Do not forget to share these with your friends too. 

Section - I : Language Development

Unit Chapters Exercise
1. Critical Thinking Notes
2. Family Notes
3. Sports Euro 2020 Notes
4. Technology Notes
5. Education Notes
6. Money and Economy QR Code Notes
7. Humour Notes
8. Human Culture Land of Plenty Notes
9. Ecology and Environment Notes
10. Career Opportunities Notes
11. Hobbies On Walking Notes
12. Animal World Notes
13. History Notes
14. Human Rights Notes
15. Leisure and Entertainment Notes
16. Fantasy Notes
17. War and Peace Notes
18. Music and Creation Notes
19. Migration and Diaspora Notes
20. Power and Politics Notes

Section -II : Literature


Unit Chapter Summary Exercise
1. Neighbours by Tim Winton Summary Exercise
2. 'A Respectable Woman' Summary Exercise
3. A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Summary Exercise
4. The Treasure in the Forest Summary Exercise
5. My Old Home By Lu Shun Summary Exercise
6. The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Summary Exercise
7. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Summary Exercise


Unit Poem Summary Exercise
1. A Day by Emily Dickinson Summary Exercise
2. Every Morning I wake Summary Exercise
3. I Was My Own Route Summary Exercise
4. The Awakening Age by Ben Okri Summary Exercise
5. Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Summary Exercise


Unit Essay Summary Exercise
1. On Libraries Summary Exercise
2. Marriage as a Social Institution Summary Exercise
3. Knowledge and Wisdom Summary Exercise
4. Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Summary Exercise
5. Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Summary Exercise

One Act Plays

Unit Play Summary Exercise
1. A Matter of Husbands Summary Exercise
2. Facing Death Summary Exercise
3. The Bull Summary Exercise

This set of notes is meant to help you understand each chapter well and help you answer questions from the book. It has answers to exercises, explanations of grammar rules, solutions to questions from the textbook, and summaries of each chapter.

Having all these things together in one place makes studying English easier and more effective. You don't have to look everywhere to find answers or learn about the different parts of English. The notes cover everything you need from one simple guide.

Download Class 12 English Notes 2081 App ( by The SR Zone ) 

The SR Zone provides an easy to use app for Class 12 English notes. This app has all the study materials together in one place on your mobile.

To get the app, search "Class 12 English The SR Zone" on the Google Play Store. Or visit website for a direct download link. Installing the app is simple and free.

Some good things about using The SR Zone's Class 12 English notes:

  • It makes preparing for exams more manageable as all notes are organized well.
  • You don't have to search different places for your study materials. Everything you need is in one app.
  • The detailed notes help you better understand lessons and concepts.
  • Having notes on your phone means you can revise anytime, anywhere.

The Class 12 English notes app from The SR Zone is a good helper for students. With full notes and solutions for all chapters, you can study well and score better in your exams. Download the app notes from Play Store or website today!

About Class 12 English Guide 2081

Hey guys, check out my notes for Class 12 English! I've put together all the important info, notes, exercise solution, grammar and summary from the textbook in this one easy-to-use guide which is called "Class 12 English Guide".

This guide covers everything - all the language development units like Family, Sports, Humour etc. And all the literature sections with Stories, Poems and Essays. You'll find notes and summaries for each chapter right here.

Just click on the chapter names to see the solutions for each exercise. I've also included the option to download a PDF version of the notes at the end of each chapter. No more searching all over the place online.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's included:

  1. Section 1 - Language Development units with 20 chapters
  2. Section 2 - Literature with Stories, Poems and Essays

Don't stress about exams - all the questions and answers are here too. And if you want offline access, you can download my Class 12 English Notes 2081 app from the Play Store.

Getting these notes is simple - either download the specific chapter PDFs or grab the full app. Let me know if you have any other questions! My goal is to make this exam prepation as easy and stress-free as possible.

I've also included some tips on how to write the best answers for your English exams. Don't sweat the small errors, just focus on getting your ideas down on paper. And don't be afraid to give your creative ideas - that's what English is all about. You've got this!

Why are Class 12 English Notes important?

These Class 12 English textbook notes can help you with your English class in 12th grade. It has summaries for all the chapters in your textbook.

The notes cover:
  • Chapter summaries - These quickly explain what happens in each part of the story. They help you understand the main ideas.
  • Exercise answers - You'll find the solutions for all the questions at the end of each chapter. This can help you check your work.
  • Grammar lessons - There are explanations of important grammar topics you need to know.
  • Textbook solutions - The notes go through your textbook and solve all the problems step-by-step.
Everything is included together in one place for each chapter. This makes it easy to study without flipping between pages. You can click on the chapter names to read the summaries and answers. Or you can download a PDF with all the notes.

These 12th grade English notes will give you a good overview of each section. Using them along with your textbook should help you understand everything better. 

How to get Notes of Class 12 English Book ?

It's very easy to get Class 12 English Notes from The SR Zone. There are a few quick steps:

For a specific chapter, go to and click "Class 12 English." This shows all the chapter names. Click the one you need and it takes you to a page with a summary and answers. At the bottom, click the blue "Download PDF" button to save the file on your device.

The Class 12 English Notes 2081 App is also a good option. It has notes for every chapter together in one app. You can find it on Google Play Store by searching "Class 12 English The SR Zone" or clicking the link on Downloading is simple - just install it and the notes are free to use.

With exams coming up, having The SR Zone's good quality notes available can help you study better. Their organized notes cover everything, so you don't have to search around online. Students can focus on learning instead of wasting time searching. Be sure to download the PDFs or app today to get a helpful study tool!

Where can I find PDF of Class 12 English Notes?

Getting PDF solutions from this textbook is easy. Just click on the name of the chapter you need help with. That will take you to a page with answers for the exercises in that section.

At the bottom, you'll see a link to download a free PDF copy. Click on it to save the file.

For Class 12 English notes, look for the "Download PDF" button at the end of each set of notes. Click that button and a timer will start. Wait a few seconds and the download button will appear.

You can preview the PDF before saving it to your device. To save it, click the button with the down arrow or disk. Now you'll have an electronic copy of the Class 12 English notes for that chapter stored on your computer or phone.

This simple process lets you access full solution guides from anywhere, so you can study on the go.

Benefits of Class 12 English Textbook Solution

If you're looking for good English notes for class 12, The SR Zone has you covered. The Class 12 English Guide for 2081 is available on and The SR Zone's Android app.

English subject can be challenging as you need to think critically and creatively. But if you really engage with the topics and questions, they aren't that hard.

Now all grade 11 students, not just those in management, have to study English. With this new textbook from 2079, even science students are learning it.

The notes include exercises and summaries for both the literature and language development sections of each chapter. To see the notes for a chapter, just click its title.

Unlike other sites or YouTube, you won't waste time searching here. You can also access these notes through their Class 12 English Android app, which has everything together in one place.

The thorough, well-organized notes on this site can help you better understand your English lessons.

How to get Good Marks in Class 12 English Exam?

English is a tough subject for many students. The main problem I see with students is they don't like thinking hard or writing their own answers. They just want to copy things, so who will help develop their creativity?

The best tip I can give is don't stress too much about grammar mistakes. Focus on answering questions right instead of writing perfectly. Bad spelling and lack of creativity holds students back in English, along with grammar errors.

Don't let feeling uncomfortable stop you from expressing yourself and your thoughts freely. Keep writing down what you learned. Then, you can work on improving your language and grammar skills. First learn to write, then make it easy to understand. Writing well actually takes practice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Class 12 English Notes:

Question 1: Do The SR Zone's Class 12 English notes work for NEB?

Answer 1: Yes, the notes cover the main topics for National Education Examination (NEB) board. They are designed to match what is usually taught in Class 12 English textbooks designed by curriculum developement centre.

Question 2: Do the notes have explanations for all chapters?

Answer 2: Yes, The SR Zone provides full notes and solutions for every chapter in the Class 12 English textbook. You get summaries, exercise answers and extra details to cover the whole syllabus.

Question 3: Can I use the notes without internet?

Answer 3: Yes, once you download the Class 12 English notes PDF from The SR Zone website, you can view it offline on your device. You can also use our Class 12 English Notes 2081 by The SR Zone app to access notes when offline after downloading.

Question 4: Are the notes helpful for exams?

Answer 4: Definitely! The detailed notes from The SR Zone help students understand concepts better, revise efficiently and do well in exams with chapter summaries, explanations and exercise solutions.

Question 5: Can I only use these notes to prepare?

Answer 5: The SR Zone notes are a good study resource to get above 90% in English subject. Using only them can give you a complete understanding. It's better to also refer to look at past year questions and their pattern, your official textbook, other reference books and do extra practice questions.

Question 6: Are the notes updated for the latest syllabus?

Answer 6: The notes follow the general syllabus of 2081BS updated on 2024. You can also check official syllabus to confirm everything lines up perfectly. Efforts are made regularly to keep the content updated.

Question 7: How can I ask questions about the notes?

Answer 7: If you have any queries or need clarification, contact The SR Zone using our website contact form or social media channels. We are ready to help students understand better.

Question 8: Do I have to pay for the Class 12 English notes?

Answer 8: No, the notes and basic study materials are free to download from The SR Zone in PDF format or using their app. While some premium services may cost money, the basic notes are available without charges.

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