About Us

I am 15 year old student studying in Class 12 currently. I made this website to share notes with other students to help them. 

It's no surprise that millions of students across the globe use internet platforms such as Google and Youtube to study or take at least one college course online. In education, the Internet is very important. Without a doubt, in today's society, everyone uses Google to find answers to their queries, issues, and uncertainties. 

Among the educators, we are also the one who is trying to improve education by offering high-quality notes and exercise answers, as well as a variety of essays, notes, and articles with the goal to give free and high-quality education to all people.

There are a number of issues with Nepal's current conventional education system. To begin, you must spend tens of thousands of rupees each term to attend a renowned institution. With all of the budget cutbacks, overcrowded classrooms, and a shortage of courses, you won't always be able to study precisely what you want.

We have been uploading English, Nepali, economics, science, and social studies notes for free in this website, making them more accessible to everyone.