Krishi Shala Ma Ek Din Class 11 Exercise : Nepali Unit 10 Notes

Krishi shala ma ek din notes

Krishi Sala ma ek din is a agriculture related nepali essay in grade 11 nepali book chapter 10. A group of students go to visit Badri's Agro farm and learn that Agriculture is very potential occupation in Nepal. The importance of agriculture is tried to convey in the form of dialogues through this chapter. The leading character here is Badri who is answering the questions asked by a group of students who came there for exhibition. 

In this article, krishi sala ma ek din exercise, summary, questions answers of the textbook, grammar(byakaran) portion, everything related to this chapter has been provided. If you need class 11 Nepali All Chapters Notes, go to this link - Class 11 Nepali Guide & Notes [ New Syllabus ].

 Krishi sala ma ek din exercise solution : 

Krishi shala ma ek din Class 11 exercise

Krishi shala ma ek din Class 11 exercise

Krishi shala ma ek din Class 11 exercise


Krishi sala ma ek din Byakaran:

Some question answers have been provided below from this chapter to better understand the message of this "Krishi Sala ma ek din" Chapter:

(A) Why is agriculture linked to the existence of mankind?
People need food to survive and produce that food. As agriculture is the main source of nutrition required for human beings, agriculture has been eroded by the existence of mankind. The people of the world need food to survive. That food is produced by Koopak through agriculture. Since people cannot live without food and that food is obtained from agriculture, agriculture is linked to the existence of mankind.

(B) What is the relationship between forest and agriculture?
Forests play a role in the pollination process, which helps increase production. Forests help to balance the environment. Forests help in getting rain on time. The leaves that come out of the forest act as food fertilizer. The relationship between forest and agriculture is interdependent as manure and water are needed for agriculture and forests are needed for a conducive environment.

(C) How to make organic manure and medicine?
Organic manure is prepared by putting 200 liters of water, 10 liters of wheat, 10 kg of dung, 1 kg of goond, 1 kg of dal flour and a handful of soil in a container for three days. Pesticides can be prepared by mixing the juice of various tree leaves, chilli, neem, garlic, turmeric and wheat in bojo.

D) Explain the benefits of the covering process.
The advantages of the covering process are as follows:
  1. Unnecessary weeds do not grow in the crop and the soil remains moist,
  2. Due to the use of weeds growing in the soil, the cost of manure is also reduced to some extent.
  3. Conservation of the natural strength of the soil increases productivity,

(E) Present your views on agriculture.
I believe that agriculture is not just a work or a work, it is a religious or virtuous work. It is well known that Nepal is an agricultural country. Most of the people here are involved in agriculture. People involved in agriculture are not very dissatisfied. Now, new schemes should be brought to promote agricultural work. The local level should make the goods produced using self-made pesticides at a higher price. Agricultural schools and universities should be built at every local level. Agricultural research should be done. The state should not have been dependent on food grains if the youths going abroad could be engaged in agriculture by providing various employment opportunities.

Give a critical answer:
(A) What should be considered for sustainable agriculture?
Policy of agricultural reform for double system
Priority of agriculture is required in youth self-employment program. The state should formulate and implement a long-term plan for sustainable agriculture. The budget allocated by the state for agriculture should be sufficient. Tools used in the agricultural sector should be made available at inclusive rates or in grants. The local level should at least get the information free of cost by testing the soil of their local level and in which areas which crop will increase the production. 

The local level should make it easy for the farmers to bring their produce to the market. Agricultural schools and universities should be opened at every local level. The state should come up with new schemes and facilities to attract the youths going abroad in the agricultural sector. The state should have at least one agricultural technician in each ward of the local level allotted as cultivable land. If agriculture is given priority in such a planned manner, sustainability can be brought in agriculture.

(B) Since the main cause of environmental pollution is human beings, human beings should also solve it. Present your arguments, taking into account the contextual context.
The main causes of environmental pollution are the Jewish population, urbanization, arbitrary use of natural resources, unorganized means of transportation, excessive use of toxic and chemical substances in copies. People are polluting the environment for the sake of producing more or for the sake of money. Garbage accumulates and the environment becomes polluted as people start to move uncontrollably. Farmers are also using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to make the land barren. Such products are adversely affecting human health on the one hand and on the other hand water is becoming toxic. It is also destroying aquatic and terrestrial life. Excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are causing various diseases. 

These are the people who do these things. Now every local level or state should work to spread public awareness about the impact of excessive use of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural sector. Now people should not make it a habit to throw garbage everywhere to clean the environment. The house should be made green by planting plants along the road. Therefore, the environment is cleanliness, the environment is beauty, the environment is the most desirable life in the world and since the environment is the lifeblood of human beings, the solution to environmental pollution must be done by man himself.

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