Class 11 English Unit 12 Fantasy Exercise & Grammar Notes

This article is about Notes of Down the Rabbit Hole which is the part of Class 12 English Unit 12, Fantasy named unit. Fantasy is the genre of imaginary things, which do not happen in real life.

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Unit 12 Fantasy Exercise

Fantasy class 11 Exercise

Fantasy class 11 Exercise

Fantasy class 11 Exercise


First, Alice and her sister sat on a riverbank reading a book, which sets the tone for the story. Alice, on the other hand, finds the book boring due to the absence of any imagery or conversation. She longs for something vibrant and enticing. Alice becomes sleepy when she's bored. 

When she falls half asleep, she sees the White Rabbit, dressed in a jacket and chatting to himself, running into a nearby hole. When Alice sees the White Rabbit, she is brought back to reality. The White Rabbit pulls to her, so she rises and chases him. Alice feels weightless and floats in air as she tries to go to the rabbit hole.

Alice is unconcerned about what she could run into as she begins to drop. Instead, she becomes obsessed with finding and catching up with the White Rabbit. This familiarity confirms her assurance in navigating this unknown location as she floats down the tunnel, where she sees a jar on a shelf. In spite of losing her feeling of gravity, Alice is able to maintain her "sense of appropriateness" and does not get confused. 

After examining the jar, Alice returns it on a shelf because she is afraid she may spill it and injure someone else below her. To pass the time, Alice imagines a chat with her cat Dinah, whom she misses much. There are moments of nostalgia and a realization that she may be a prisoner in this dreamy environment. She falls on the ground and looks up to see the White Rabbit rounding a corner away from her. Suddenly, she sees him.

Upon waking, Alice sees a hallway with several doors. Alice uses a key she found on a table to try to unlock each of the doors. The only door that the key unlocks is a modest one, and beyond it is a lovely garden that welcomes Alice. A bottle branded "DRINK ME" catches 

Alice's eye as a possible solution to her problem of getting into the garden via the entrance. She drinks the poison-free bottle and shrinks. But, as she approaches the door, she discovers she has left the key on the table, which suddenly stands above her. 

Tearfully self-critical, Alice walks onto a cake marked "EAT ME" before realizing her blunder. Alice eats the cake in the hopes that it would increase her height, allowing her to reach the key. But, her height does not increases, and chapter 1 of the story ends here.