Class 12 English Chapter 3 | Sports - Euro 2020 Exercise & Grammar

Class 12 English Book Chapter 3  | Sports - Euro 2020 | Exercise

 Unit 3


Euro 2020 Notes

Exercise Notes

Working with words 

 A. Many English words are from other languages, such as redemption in the news above comes from the Latin word redimere, a combination of re(d)-, meaning “back,” and emere, meaning “buy.” Now, find out the origin and the meaning of the following words from the text. 





Old French penalite and from Medieval Latin penalitatem

"pertaining to punishment"


from Latin maior (earlier *magios)

"greater, more important or effective, leading, principal


Latin form of the Greek word " stadion

a track for a foot race or chariot race.


from Old French trophée

a spoil or prize of war,"


Anglo-French from Old French defendeor

one who protects from injury a champion


Old English ontemn, antefn

"a composition (in prose or verse) sung in alternate parts,"


from Latin deiectionem

"to cast down,"


Latin iubilantem

"to shout for joy,"


Latin recordari

re- ("back, again") + cor ("heart; mind")


from Old French sauvé



from greece podion

Little Foot


Old French torneiement

‘take part in a tourney’


from Latin reminiscentem (nominative reminiscens)

"pertaining to or characterized by reminiscence,"


from Latin incredibilis,

from in- ‘not’ + credibilis


Old French savor

"flavor, taste; sauce, seasoning

B. Consult a dictionary and define the following terms related to cricket. 

Example: wicket: two sets of three sticks standing in the ground with pieces of wood lying 

stump =  stumps are the three vertical posts that support the bails and form the wicket.

crease = ping crease is a line that runs horizontally across a cricket pitch,

boundary =  the perimeter of a playing field

sixer = a hit for six runs.

googly = , a googly refers to a type of delivery bowled by a right-arm leg spin bowler.

leg-bye =  a run scored by the batting team if the batsman has not hit the ball with their bat, but the ball has hit the batsman's body or protective gear.

wicket = one of the two sets of three stumps and two bails at either end of the pitch

maiden = any over that is bowled by the bowler that results in zero runs being added to the batting teams run total

pitch = field of playing cricket

power-play =  the fielding restrictions in limited overs cricket .

no-ball = no-ball is an illegal delivery to a batsman.

yorker = a ball bowled which hits the cricket pitch around the batsman's feet.

C. Pronunciation 

Divide the following words into two groups in accordance with their pronunciation /aɪ/ and /eɪ/. 

/ai/ ➡ fine, shine, bright, might, five, why, sight, white, by,

/ei/ ➡ rein, rail, sleigh, break, freight, eight, game, claim, friend, gait, hail, frame 


 A. State whether the following sentences are True or False or Not Given. 

a. England was the champion of 1996 World Cup Football. = False

b. Italy bagged its first Euro Cup trophy in the Euro Cup 2020. = False

c. The English team has won more trophies in International Football than Italy. = False

d. According to the captain of the English team, the pain of losing a match has lasting effects. = True

e. The Italian team was playing in their home ground. = False

f. The goalkeeper of the Italian team had performed better than any other players in the match. = Not given

B. Answer the following questions. 

a. Why does the reporter say that England is waiting to heal its half-century long pain? 

= The last time England had ever won a Euro World Cup match was in 1966 AD. Here, Pain means the painful feeling caused because of losing many matches. That's why the reporter says that England is waiting to heal its half-century long pain.

b. How did the Italian players react as soon as they became the champions? 

= Jubilant Italy players started shouting at the TV saying "It's coming Rome" `It's coming Rome". which was the capital of Italy. It was actually a mock of the anthem of the England Football Team which meant football coming home.

c. Why did Saka and Sancho cry? 

= Saka and Sancho cried because their team lost on penalties. Both players missed their spot kicks during the shootout as Gianluigi Donnarumma's save from Saka's shot helped in the victory for Italy.

d. Penalty shoot-out has long been a bitter experience for the English team. Why? 

= England has lost the matches frequently due to the miss in penalty shootout, that’s why penalty shoot-out has long been a bitter experience for the English team. In Euro 2020, Bukayo Saka, England's youngest players, missed the penalty that handed Italy the championship and denied England its first international victory since 1966 in Euro Cup 2020. England team penalty kickers Marcus Rashford and Jared Sancho also have failed to convert their shootout to the victory in the past. Such a condition had happened for the third consecutive time.

e. State the contribution of Roberto Mancini to Italian football. 

= Roberto Mancini led the Italian national football team to unparalleled success. He was the driving force behind the Italian team's rise from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of the sport. He has turned Italy into a professional football team that still adheres to the country's traditional defense principles by using Italian players from the start, encouraging confidence in the national squad, and enduring a cultural reset. 

Only four years ago, Italy's football history was shattered as it failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 60 years. Now, they're the greatest team in Europe, and Roberto Mancini has led them to a 34-game winning streak, a national record. To win Euro Cup 2020, Mancini instills tremendous confidence in the Italian football squad. At these Euros, 25 of the 26-man team have played on the field at any point. 

f. How does the Euro Cup final 2020 remind the audiences of the 2018 World Cup semifinals? How?

= When Italian players face English players in the Euro Cup final 2020, they use the same strategy that English players used when they faced Croatians in the 2018 World Cup Semifinals. In the 2018 World Cup semifinals, England scored early against Croatia and then spent the rest of the game chasing its opponent's midfield until succumbing in extra time due to a recent Croatian goal. So, the Euro 2020 Match also reminds the audiences of the 2018 World Cup semifinals.

Critical thinking 

 a. "Every match is a new opportunity. Put its failure behind you and start over again." Does this apply to the Italian football team when we analyse their performance from their failure to qualify for the World Cup Football to their victory in the European Championship in these four years? 

=  Italy is constantly improving and investing more in the enhancement of its football team. Though they had faced many challenges, digested many defeats, we can say that they are constantly improving themselves and now the football culture in Italy is second to none.

The Italian football team pushed on with specific goals in mind, erasing any lingering differences. Within the past four years, this team seemed optimistic. The team's players and coach kept up their efforts to win the championship trophy. They understand the importance of player development. 

Many losses have befallen the Italian football squad in the last few years. The coach Roberto Mancini was the driving force behind this team's triumph.  He provided excellent leadership throughout the course of those four years. They were all masters in management, strategic planning, and physical treatment. They were successful in the upper divisions of the national football leagues because of their dedication and sense of camaraderie. Most of their national matches went their way, and they even qualified for the World Cup. The members of this squad were all top-notch professionals. 

The strategy of this team was continuously evolving. It was a long and difficult journey for the whole team to reach their goal of becoming champions. They continued on their path full of energy and passion, free of any sense of regret. For them, every game was a chance to try something new. After each battle, they honed their skills and tactics. 

b. When a team plays in a home ground, it gets a huge support from the audience in the stadium. Does this support them to win the match or the players may feel pressure to win and thus lose? What do you think?

Yes, the players benefit much from this. Players like the opportunity to compete in front of their own fans, who provide constant encouragement and motivation throughout the game. On the field, the audience's encouragement of the team members means a great deal to them. The games take place in a more intimate setting, with a more supporting crowd. However, the players may also encounter unexpected outcomes in the course of the games.

There is no way to predict the outcome of a game. Players may even feel pressured to play their home games in front of their adoring fans. Because they don't want to disappoint their fans, players avoid losing in front of them. They are anxious about the outcome of the match. In their home stadium, they have a lot of pressure to win against their rivals. When they first begin to play, they make a lot of blunders because they are scared. As a result, they lose games and are criticized by both their supporters and the media.


A. Correct the punctuation marks of the following text.

A lot of people try to get away from home for a few days each year for a holiday. There are lots of things to choose from, and where you go depends on how much money you've got to spend. Ideas for holidays include relaxing on a beach, exploring cities, and skiing. One man wanted to go to Australia but thought he'd never have enough money to get there. He'd go to his brother’s caravan at the seaside instead. A young woman wanted to go clubbing in Ibiza as she'd heard it was a lot of fun.

B. Write a news story based on the given information.

Argentina beats Brazil in the COPA America Cup.

By Reuters

July 10th, Rio de Janeiro: Argentina's first major championship in 28 years is secured on Saturday because of Angel Di Maria's goal which gave them a 1-0 victory against Brazil. The 15th Copa America title is now in Argentina's hands.

Lionel Messi's first medal in an Argentina shirt after more than a decade of club and individual awards was a remarkable incident in the match. On his maiden appearance in the Copa, Di Maria opened the scoring when he came on as a substitute in the second half.

After the goal, Brazil's players were put under even more strain. After the first half, the second half of the game seemed to be rather exciting. However, despite Brazil fielding a five-man forward line in the second half and playing aggressively against Argentina's De Paul-covered defense, they were unable to score a goal.

From the beginning to the end, it seemed as though Brazil had no other alternatives. Argentina used skills to defeat Brazil.

C. We can see many countries competing to host the great international sport events like the World Cup Football. But, there are arguments that hosting an event like World Cup Football can have more problems than benefits. What do you think? Write your arguments in favour or against hosting an international sport event in about 500 words.

=  Every coin has two sides.  We can argue in both verses. Organizing Games has many advantages. 

Sports events have a significant impact on infrastructure development in the host cities. This includes improvements to transportation systems and accommodation facilities; swimming pools; communication systems; new sports stadiums; and more.

Because of ticket sales and other income sources like broadcast rights, the host country obtains millions of dollars. Tourists are encouraged to visit the host country, which generates more foreign currency. Consequently, the worldwide prestige of the host country improves and rises as a consequence of this.

In addition to boosting tourism, these events provide locals with employment opportunities. Encouragement from home supporters helps the players to do well in football matches as well.

With this in mind, there are several negatives to hosting a large event. The customary routines of the locals are thrown off. People may be forced to abandon their houses if the government seizes their land for the event. If the locals are against the event, the host country may have to pay a lot of money to host it. It might even affect the culture and also bring environmental pollution.


Countable = few

Unountable = little

Countable = few bhanda thorai badhi testo bela a few use garnus

B. Complete the following sentences with much, many, few or little. 

 a. He is an introvert. He has got very few friends. 

 b. I am busy preparing for my examinations. I have very little time to give to you. 

 c. The entire winter season was dry this year. We had little rain. 

 d. Our town has almost been modernized. There are few old buildings left. 

 e. You can come today. I haven’t got much to do. 

 f. The party was crowded. There were too many people. 

 g. How many photographs did you take while you were in Switzerland? 

 h. There was little traffic so I came in time. 

 i. Can I borrow a few books from you? 

j. Mohan can’t be a good teacher. He has little patience.

2,3 Things = Use Each

More than 3 Things, use every 

Each = Object, people, things

Every = Group of People/time

C. Put each or every in the following sentences.

 a. The party split into three factions, each faction headed by a former prime minister. 

 b. Leap years occur every four years. 

 c. Every parent worries about their children. 

 d. We had a great time in Singapore. We enjoyed every minute of our time. 

 e. I could catch the main idea of his speech but I didn’t understand each of his words. 

 f. In Nepal, every motorcycle rider should wear a helmet. 

 g. You must read each of these books for the exam. 

 D. Rewrite the following sentences using all of, most of, none of, both of or some of. 

a. Your garden is superb. All of  the flowers are beautiful.

b. Do you know Bharat and Kamal? Of course, both of  them are my friends.

c. I bought a box of apples thinking it would be cheaper but I was mistaken most of  them were rotten.

d.  When I was in the town, I asked some people for directions but none of  them were able to help me. I had to call my friend.

e. We all were soaked in the rain because none of  us had carried an umbrella.

f.  My father is healthy in his seventies but he feels isolated because  most of  his friends are dead now.

g. All of the tourists are not Chinese, some of  them are Korean too.

E.  Choose the best word from the brackets to complete the sentences.

a.  Give me the money I owe you. (which/the/a/an)

b. I want a boat which would take me to the island. (the/an/those/a)

c.  Could you pour me some water, please? (many/few/these/some)

d.      d.  Only a few employees know how important the project was. (a few/a little/little/few)

e.  He was looking for an umbrella. (an/a/those/these)

f.   A large amount of water was evaporated due to excessive heat. (A large number of/ A lot of/ A large amount of/Many)

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