How to make E-commerce website for free with Blogger ?

How to make E-commerce website in Blogger?

E- commerce website is a perfect way to establish a online store of your company and make selling things easier with easy reach to the customers. No matter if your business is a small scale store or a large scale one, you can start selling online and maximize your earning potential and customer reach.

But, for making an e-commerce website, we need a hosting, domain right? and How can we do all that? How much will be the charge? We will cover everything in this article.

There are main 2 platforms for website developement ie. 

  • Blogger 
  • Wordpress.
We will use first platform to build our website here;

Making E-Commerce website using Blogger

First, I want to ask you, do you have enough money for the initial investment?

If answer is no?

Then, you are good to go, we will first make a website using blogger. If you have enough money to invest at first phase, then you can simply go with wordpress because you will get many customizations features there. Also, making a e commerce website with a subdomain - does not seems attractive and brand-type. If you can adjust these things, you are definitely going to build a good website today. (at $0 cost)

  1. Sign in to 
  2. Choose your blog title.
  3. Choose your website address
  4. Now, your subdomain will be created, eg:
  5. Then, sign in, to
  6. After making account, hover to "Website" in menu
  7. Choose the platform to "blogger"
  8. Copy the code from there.
  9. Now, go to blogger dashboard and create a new Page (Not Post)
  10. Switch to HTML view
  11. Paste the code and save the page
  12. Now, go to blogger "Layout" Section
  13. Go to a widget and choose the recent page and you are all done.

Using these really simple steps you can make a free ecommerce website. For adding your own products on the website, you have to go to again and click on catalog to change product details, and everything changed there will be automatically updated in your website.

If you are having any issue to reproduce the above steps, you can see this complete tutorial.