Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise & Summary - Nepali 12 Chapter 2

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise Notes & Summary

Birahini Damayanti is a mythical story that revolves around Damayanti who has been searching her lost husband Nal. Listed in class 12 Nepali chapter 2, Damayanti's struggle and challenges faced to find her husband are very beautifully explained in this story. 

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Birahini Damyanti Exercise (All Questions Answers Notes)

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise

Birahini Damayanti Class 12 Exercise

Birahini Damayanti Byakaran Portion

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Birahini Damyanti Katha Summary and Main Points-

Meaning of Birhini = Viyogini, a woman separated from love

  1. Damayanti wandering in the forest in search of her missing husband Nishadharaj Nal,
  2. Similarly, the serpent Karkotak, with a bad intention, meets Damayanti,
  3. The serpent forcibly carried her on his shoulders,
  4. Under the pretext of being kidnapped, helpless but fearless, comfortable and happy, Damayanti gets out of the control of Karkotak, who got drunk and fell asleep.
  5. Continuing her quest alone, avoiding the snake colony with the indelible belief that she must meet her husband.
  6. During the journey, one of the people of , the human race, Damayanti meets and get acquainted with a group of travelers led by Sarthavah (nomadic merchants),
  7. Having traveled to a place called Chedi and suggested that Nal could also be found there, Damayanti also joined the journey,
  8. Accompanied by the merchant party of Shuchibhadra, living in Damayanti Padmasaugandhik Lake,
  9. While everyone is sleeping at night, many people die from being trampled by wild elephants coming to the lake for drinking water,
  10. In the beginning, all but one or ten people were killed or injured.
  11. Embark on a journey to Damayanti Chedi with 1 woman,
  12. When Damayanti reached Chedi, the little children were teasing her, calling her crazy.
  13. Hiding her real identity, Damayanti works for Sunanda's daughter, Sairandhri with the intention to search for her husband.