Class 12 Nepali Chapter 12 Jiban Marga Exercise

Jiban Marga is reportage which is in Class 12 Nepali Chapter 12 which is called "Way of Life" in English. This composition, like the title suggests, can really become a way of life for many people. In this, Chomolunga Industry is portrayed as a successful industry that reflects the original identity of Nepal.

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Jiban Marga Exercise : Class 12 Nepali Chapter 12 

Jiban Marga Exercise

Jiban Marga Exercise

Jiban Marga Exercise

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Jiban Marga in Nutshell (Summary)

Reportage is prepared on contemporary issues and during such preparation, the involvement or eyewitness of the writer himself is necessary. In this, the author is an eyewitness or a victim. Before presenting any topic, it is carefully studied or analyzed.

Chomolunga Industrial Institute is portrayed as a successful industry that reflects the original identity of Nepal in Reportage Rachna - Jiban Marga. It has been expressed that the establishment has gained popularity not only in Nepal but also among Nepalis abroad by using local raw materials. 

Even foreigners have started recognizing the products of this establishment as Nepali products. Chomolunga Industrial Establishment has won the hearts of many by giving priority to the originality and identity of Nepal. Article houses are also filled with these brands and products, which led the author to write a report about the institute.

Chiring is an important character in this composition, which embodies unwavering patriotism. Despite facing many challenges in his life after his father's untimely death, Chiring assumed the role of his father's successor and carried out his responsibilities while pursuing his education. 

Chring emphasized the importance of labor and skills and felt that Nepal has the potential to achieve great things after visiting different countries. Emphasizing on the need to find satisfaction in work beyond monetary gain, he emphasized on the need to make use of Nepal's unique identity, resources and skills. Tshiring's success in setting up the Chomolunga Industrial Estate can be traced to the inspiration to follow in his footsteps.

His life struggles provide valuable insights on how to achieve success in life. We must adopt his principles and ideas to succeed in our endeavours. We need to remember our responsibility towards our country and shoulder it. We should try to earn a good name globally by doing meaningful work within our country while protecting the originality and identity of our country.

In my opinion, this composition, like the title, can really become a way of life for many people. Maybe this composition is fictional, but even though I was alone until I read the text, my heart was happy. Jeevan Marg Reportage is an inspiring work that reflects the spirit of patriotism and instills positive feelings towards the ventures in the country. 

The author of Jeevan Marg Reportage is also presented in a way that he has prepared this composition by directly experiencing, seeing and talking to the director. Really, I can't even imagine how much peace we would have if we were independent in everything. In a country like ours, where imports are many times higher than exports, the idea of opening industries like Chomolungma Industrial Establishment and becoming popular in this area, even if only for a moment, made me excited.

Chhiring's idea of opening an industrial establishment and establishing an industry based on Nepal's original identity and utilizing local raw materials should be accepted. From the situation where we don't find any Nepali brand products in our homes, it is a miracle to find Nepali products of Chomolungma Industrial Establishment in the rooms of everyone's homes. Not only that, but that thought is embodied.

It is not a matter of choice to become successful in Chomolung in the production, sales and distribution of goods. I was humbled by Chiring's relentless struggle. The story of his childhood struggle also made some emotional. After starting to read the text, the attention was not taken away from the text until the end. I found Jiban Marg to be excellent for its inspiring subject matter, simple language and artistic writing.