Class 12 Nepali Chapter 10 Nepali Pahichan Exercise

In this article, I am going to provide you Class 12 Nepali book Unit 9 - Nepali Pahichan Exercise Questions Answers. This chapter deals with the different things that are the major identities of Nepal and Nepalese. For complete notes of Class 12 Nepali Book, go to this link - Class 12 Nepali Guide & Notes. 

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise: Nepali Chapter 10

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise: Nepali Chapter 10

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise: Nepali Chapter 10

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise: Nepali Chapter 10

Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Exercise: Nepali Chapter 10

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Nepali Pahichan Class 12 Summary

According to Ghanshyam, the situation in Nepali society is worrisome as the diversity inherent in language, religion and culture is likely to hamper the development of the society.

According to Bekhman, the identity of Nepali society is social diversity. Nepali society is very diverse. The uniqueness of Nepali society lies in its diversity. Diversity is our power and self-expression.

Diversity is the feeling of being different. Ethnic diversity is the result of a wide range of cultural and linguistic differences. As Nepal is a multi-ethnic nation, there are different castes. Each nation has its own customs, beliefs, and experiences. Caste, language, culture are all separate civilizations and identities. Therefore, it is this diversity that makes us different from others, so diversity is our invaluable asset.

According to Salim, maintaining unity and mutual tolerance even among diversity is a beautiful aspect of Nepali society. There have been many conflicts in the name of race, language, religion and culture around the world. Humanity has suffered a great loss of material prosperity, and many civilizations have come to an end. However, in our Nepali society, we have developed the practice of peaceful and respectful coexistence, despite our differences. This is the beautiful side of Nepali society.

In a geographically small country like Nepal, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the many different cultures, languages ​​and traditions of the country, so there is a golden opportunity for cultural tourism in Nepal.

In Nepali society, along with culture, there are many cultural distortions. There is a preponderance of people based on superstition. There is widespread discrimination on the basis of caste and gender. Still believes in ghosts, phantoms and witches. Discrimination exists on the basis of gender, caste, class, category etc. Evil practices like dowry and tilak are still being promoted.