How to get Good Marks in Nepali Subject and Social Subject? - My Personal Tips

Nepali Book in grade 11 have been the biggest burden for everyone this time. Book is new, not only management students but science students have also been obliged to study Nepali Subject in Grade 11 compulsorily. 

Today, I am going to share with you best tips for your Nepali examination. These tricks always helped me to get better marks in my exam when I used to study in School and colleges. 

These tips are equally equivalent to SEE Exam. and NEB Boards exam of Class 11 and class 12 and lower classes as well.

These will not cause Miracles.

Like everyone says, you must do hard work, but following these tips will make your hard work a perfect hard work which will give you better marks. 

Please first, improve your mentality regarding Nepali subject. Nepali is not that bad subject anyways. If you start pondering about the topic in a deep way, nothing will seem harder then. 

Get good marks in Nepali Exam

I know you can write well if you keep all of this in mind. Let's start these simple yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE exam tips for Nepali.

How to manage time in Nepali Exams?

For class 12 and class 11, you will have 3 Hours for 75 Marker questions.

  1. Vyakaran questions should be completed within first 30 minutes
  2. Complete the reading comprehension and summary questions in the following 45 minutes.
  3. You have 45 minutes to answer all of Vivechana's questions correctly.
  4. Short answer questions and Saprasanga Vyakhya must be completed within the following 30 minutes.
  5. You have half an hour set out for creative writing, so put it to good use! Use the other 20 minutes for essay writing and next 10 minutes to check the grammar correctness. Confirm for rechecking all the questions if there are any left. 

How I used to get A+ in Nepali Exam?

  1. To achieve high grades in Nepali, you must be able to solve almost all of the grammar first. No matter how much time you put into it, make sure you don't make any mistakes when you write it. 
  2. Always write STRONGEST sentences while starting any long questions or essay. These are the lines or sentences that your teacher is going to check most of the time. 
  3. You don't have to be anxious when you write your answers in Nepali examination. You don't have to worry about your handwriting, but you should write your answers as clearly and accurately as you know how. 
  4. For lengthier answers (Long Questions or Bibechana), avoid writing anything that is not relevant to the subject at hand, and avoid repeating the same line. 
  5. Don't rely only on the guides and practise books or any sorts of cheating in your exam.
  6. More you're able to express yourself in a unique manner and creative way, you'll be able to write well. 
  7. It's also crucial that you don't get confused about your answer based on what other people are saying. 
  8. Yes, there are things we must learn, but we may compose answers based on the inferences drawn from other solutions to the same topic. 

How to get good marks in Social Subject?

  1. First, Answer to very short questions correctly (if you solve all right, it will make an positive impression on the person who check you exam copy).
  2. Complete all of the Very long questions before the end of the first part (around 1.5 hours).
  3. Short answer questions may be completed in the time remaining.

Note : A long answer should never be your target. You must write on points. So when I gave SEE exam, I answered every question within a few sentences in points. Write the points and explain them in a couple of words. Getting high grades won't be a problem.

My personal tips on creative writing:

  1. When writing an essay, choose a subject that you feel most comfortable with. Isn't it enough that it's short? Set up a framework: To summarize, your essay should include a solid introduction, a body of two to three paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. There is no way someone can read everything.
  2. When writing an application, keep it brief and sweet. Use the conventional letter format when drafting a letter. After you've finished writing the letter, create a demo envelope.
  3. It's best to stick with the regular Nepali language. Biographical writing is a simple task. All you have to do is complete a few sentences.
  4. Tip number 4 is that you should use an acceptable title at the beginning of all of your creative writing and Saprasanga and Vivechana Vyakhyana. It will be a huge assistance to you.
  5. If you prefer to write a story, follow the outline but add your own ideas (define a character, describe a setting, etc.)

        Why is Nepali so Hard?  

        People who study Nepali haven't always found it easy. A lot of students have trouble with creativity and spelling in Nepali words, as well as a lot of grammatical mistakes. 

        There could be a lot of grammar mistakes, but trust me, don't worry about how well you're writing.

        Never feel awkward. Keep writing down everything you know. First, learn how to write. Then, make your writing make sense. As soon as you can, start learning Nepali. Don't be so worried about it.

        At conclusion, I would like to provide you the notes of class 11 and class 12 Nepali subjects so that you could polish up your creativity.

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        And If you want more notes from grade 11, luckily you are exactly in the right place. 

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