SEE Result 2081 - Check your Class 10 Results with Marksheet !

SEE Result 2081 - Check your Class 10 Results with Marksheet ! 2081

The Nepal National Examination Board (NEB) is finally publishing the much-waited Secondary Education Examination - SEE Results 2081 on Ashad 18th, 2081.

Here is the summary of SEE Results 2081 !

GPANumber of Students
3.6 - 4.022,475
3.2 - 3.655,069
2.8 - 3.272,362
2.4 - 2.889,331
2.0 - 2.4102,293
1.6 - 2.088,447
1.2 - 1.638,770
0.8 - 1.22,200
NG ( Non Graded)13,992
To check your Class 10 SEE results, follow these simple and easy steps. 
  1. Click the "Check SEE Results" button below
  2. Then, enter your symbol number (Example: 17300927) and date of birth (DOB) (2061/19/20) in the entry box. 
  3. Hit submit button. 
  4. You will see your GPA along with marksheet/gradesheet.

Students who've been anxiously waiting for their NEB SEE 2081 results can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The SEE exam was taken at over 1200 schools around the country that the NEB controls. The Board announced that the SEE results for 2081 are available now through websites, texts, or by phone - just like usual. 

How to check SEE Result 2081 ?

All the 10th grade students who took the SEE exams can check out their GPA and gradesheet using a few different options. They can check online at or Or they can also get their results through SMS message or by calling. Here are more detailed steps all possible ways of checking SEE Result 2081 with pros and cons. 

Tip : Just a heads up, using SMS and calling services to check your results might cost you a bit. We recommend checking your results on the website instead. It's not only free but also gives you access to your full marksheet, which is super handy for most of us!

check see result 2081

Method 1: Checking SEE Result 2081 Online ( without spending mobile balance )  

If you have mobile data or WiFi, you do not have to spend your balance sending SMS or calling any number. You can directly view your SEE result free of cost. 

The benefit of this method is, you do not have to spend balance and you can view your whole gradesheet, not just the GPA. Only problem is the website is super slow because everyone will be trying to check their results at once.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your symbol number (e.g. 0799857U)
  3. Enter your date of birth (e.g. 2062/09/20)
  4. Click submit
  5. You'll see your GPA and full marksheet/gradesheet

To access your Class 10 Exam results, kindly go to the website You will be prompted to enter your symbol number (e.g., 0799857U) and date of birth (DOB) (e.g., 2062/09/20) in the provided entry box.

Once you have filled in the required information, simply click the submit button. Your GPA, along with your marksheet/gradesheet, will then be displayed.

Method 2: Checking SEE Results 2081 via SMS

Whenever NEB announces the results of the Class 10 SEE exam, a large number of people visit the result websites to check their results which can lead to issues such as slow loading times or temporary unavailability of the websites.

As a result, it may become challenging for you to visit the websites and access your SEE result through the usual online method. 

However, there is an alternative method available, which is to check your result through SMS. By sending a text message to a designated number, you can receive your SEE result on your mobile phone.

Note: This works in NTC sim only. 

  1. Open your message app,
  2. Type SEE<space> your symbol number. Example: SEE 1234567U.
  3. Send the message to 1600,
  4. You will get your SEE Result in reply message,

SMS method provides an alternative way to access your result, particularly when the website(s) are experiencing high traffic and difficulties. It offers convenience and ensures that you can still obtain your exam result promptly.

Method 3: Checking SEE Results 2081 via Call

To check the SEE results using the IVR method, you can dial the number 1600 on your phone. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will guide you through the process of accessing your results. However, I suggest you to ensure you have sufficient balance before making the call to avoid any interruptions during the process.

    Note: This works in NTC sim only. 

    1. Dial 1600 in NTC,
    2. Follow the instructions,
    3. Enter the symbol no and DOB when asked,
    4. Your result will be told shortly.

    Methods of checking SEE Result in Summary

    To check the results of Class 12 exams in Nepal, there are several methods available for students to access their results. You may check SEE 2081 three ways!

    1. Visit to get result.
    2. Type SEE Symbol Number and send it to 1600 to get your SEE result.
    3. Call 1600, then follow the IVR instructions to enter your symbol number.

    Let's see, how you can use each method to check your SEE result.

    1. Website:, This website allows you to check the Class 10 exam results. By visiting this site, you can enter your Symbol Number and date of birth to access your results. The website provide a convenient way to view your results and even obtain your complete marksheet.
    2. Call Service (IVR):Another option is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service, which enables you to check the SEE exam results. By dialing 1600 and following the instructions provided, you can access the result.
    3. SMS Service:You can also check your results through SMS. Simply send a message to 1600 with the text "SEE SYMBOL No", such as 07907569. Once you send the message, you will receive your results via SMS.

    While it's important to note that using the SMS and calling services may result in significant costs, we recommend utilizing the website method to check your results. The website method also allows you to obtain your complete marksheet, making it a preferable option for most students.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why are SEE results websites like website not working?

    When the NEB releases the results, the website may be temporarily unavailable due to the high volume of traffic. This is because many students and teachers will be trying to check their results at the same time. It is suggested to wait for a few hours before checking your results. You can alternatively use SMS or Calling method to just know your GPA. 

    How to check SEE Results 2081 with Marksheet Online?

    If you want to view your SEE results on detail along with your marksheet, you can use website service. Here are the steps to check your see results 2081 with marksheet or gradesheet online:

    1. Open your browser and go to the website-
    2. Enter your symbol no. and Date of Birth that is in your admit card,
    3. Click on 'Submit' button,
    4. Your results will be displayed on the screen with Gradesheet/Marksheet.

    How to check SEE Results 2081 in ntc?

    For Nepal Telecom ( NTC ) users, checking SEE result is pretty simple. Just open your messaging app, type "SEE [your symbol number]" (like SEE 17300927), and send it to 1600. You'll get your result back in a reply.

    You can also call to get your results. Dial 1600, follow the IVR instructions, enter your symbol number and date of birth when asked, and you'll hear your result.

    Heads up, using SMS and call services might cost you a bit extra money.

    How to check SEE Results 2081 from

    1. Visit
    2. Enter your entrance card symbol and date of birth,
    3. Press "Submit",
    4. Your scores will be shown on a Gradesheet/Marksheet.

    How to get full Gradesheet of SEE Result in

    To see full gradesheet, go to and and Enter Symbol no. and D.O.B and click submit.

    You can simply use above method to get the complete gradesheet of your SEE Exam, but if you want any further information or want to try different method to see your SEE Result. You can simply try out these methods. These methods might cost you some balance deduction.

    What does 0.0 GPA Mean? 

    0.0 GPA means Non-graded. You can consider it as equivalent of "Fail". See Results are based on 2078 GPA system and here's the deal: you need to score at least 35 in theory out of 100 to move on to higher studies. If you score below 35, sorry, but you won't make it to class 11 and you'll end up in the Non-Graded category.

    But don't stress too much! If you don't hit the mark, you'll get up to three chances to take supplementary exams for two subjects.

    How many students gave SEE Exam 2081?

    514,977 students from 11,615 schools, comprising 257,924 female and 257,053 male students, took the SEE Exam at 2,007 places.

    What is the release date of SEE Results 2081?

    SEE results 2081 is all set to be released on 2081 Bs - Asadh, according to National Examination Board Controller of Examinations Nandalal Paudel. The office has announced that work has been already completed by inputting the score, missing matches, tabulation and they are in final stage of announcing the result on 18th Ashadh.

    Class 10 SEE Result 2081 Highlights

    Exam nameClass 10 SEE Exam 2080
    Result nameClass 10 SEE Result 2081/2024
    Exam DateBaisakh 2081
    Result ModeOnline, SMS, IVR
    Result date18th Ashad, 2081
    Exam LevelNational Level
    Board NameNational Examination Board (NEB) Class 10

    Wrapping Up

    In conclusion, I have shared various methods through which you can easily access the SEE Results 2081. I sincerely hope that you achieve the marks you were aiming for in your exam. Thank you for visiting, and best of luck with your future endeavors!