5 Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks for small bloggers - 2024

Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks for small bloggers

You’ve got your new blog up and even have some traffic coming in. You’re ready to make money with ads, but you might not like AdSense or want to use it. It might be, adsense not approving your site too.

If you’re going to submit to some other blogger networks, holy cow, they want you to have 50,000 views per month already. Who are we kidding here?

Don’t worry. Stick around, and I’ll show you some ad networks for small bloggers.

These 5 AdSense alternatives for small websites with low traffic will help you get started without using AdSense. Ensure you stay to the end to get all the good ones.

These are some of the Best Ad Networks for small publishers.

1. Ezoic

The first one I will talk about is Ezoic Ad Network. You may have heard of Ezoic before, and at one point, they had 10,000 page views per month minimum, but that’s waived now for people that want to join the Access Now program, which is like a training program for bloggers.

You can get Access well, you know, now, and you get free training from some of the best people at Ezoic who show you how to grow your blog and help it succeed.

I’m trying out Ezoic on one of my new websites, and it’s going well. If I keep seeing good things, I might change my main website to that. Right now, I don’t want to go through that hassle and pain because it is a tiresome task to change your ad network, so keep that in mind.

However, you can sometimes make more money with these other networks than with AdSense. If you decide to join Ezoic, you can do that by clicking on this link. However, you will have to go through the program, take some quizzes and things like that to show that you have done the work, and then you’ll be able to keep progressing until you get the ads on your website.

One common question is whether I must be approved for AdSense to use Ezoic. The answer is no. You do not have to be approved for AdSense to use Ezoic.

However, it does make it much easier for AdSense to say, ” Okay, I’m assuming you’re a pretty good website, pretty good person because you’ve already been an approved president. If you’ve been banned from AdSense, you need to fix that because they will not allow you to be on Ezoic.

You have to adhere to all Google policies that are put in place. You can see them if you keep a clean website and don’t do anything illegal or inappropriate. Then you should be good. Just don’t do anything like that, and uh, you won’t have to worry about AdSense wanting to boot you.

Since I’ve been using Ezoic, they’ve been so helpful. Whenever I have a question, I can send a message to support or go into one of the forums, depending on which part of the Access Now process I’m in. So now that I’m through that, my site is monetized and pretty simple.

You get tons of charts and things like that so you can see what you’re doing right and what you might not be doing right, and really, it does help you with your blog. If I had had this whenever I was a newbie, I really would have gone a lot further than I did that painful experience that I had getting started over a decade ago.

Now, as we go into these other ad networks for small bloggers, I don’t currently use these, but they’re perfect, and they might be a good option for you if maybe you don’t like AdZis or you don’t want to do AdSense either. Check them out, see what you think, and see if it fits you well.

2. Infolinks

The following alternative to AdSense, number two, is Infolinks, which is infolinks.com. So, with Infolinks.com, you have to have a minimum of 1,000 visitors per month.

You also need to have a minimum of 20 high-quality blog posts and an About Us page, a Contact page, Privacy Policies, and all those boring yet essential pages you need for your website. If you don’t have those things, get those squared away so that they don’t just kick you out because you haven’t had that set up.

The other thing that you have to ensure before you apply for Infolinks is that all of your content is good content, as in there’s nothing malicious or defamatory or inappropriate on there because they also will not accept websites that have any of those things on there.

3. Media.net

The third alternative to Media.net AdSense is Media.net. Now, Media.net is being managed by Yahoo’s contextual ad network. With this ad network, you must have a regularly updated, fully English-speaking blog. If you don’t have that, they won’t approve you.

If you already have ads showing, it’s a good idea to pause them while they’re going to check out your blog. You don’t want them to see some other ad network clogging up all your content. You want them to be able to see it as a fresh slate before you submit it. The good thing is that there are no minimum page views for Media.net.

4. RevenueHits.net

RevenueHits.net is our fourth option, and you don’t have to have any minimum page view amounts here, either. You do need to make sure, just as with the other ad networks, that you have high-quality content that is regularly updated, but you get Access to a lot of excellent ads here. Plus, you have some unique payment options if you need them, like Payoneer and even Bitcoin.

5. Sovrn

Sovrn is another ad network and our final one, number five, and they have some pretty low payment thresholds, like ten bucks. So, the good thing about that is you don’t have to wait for a hundred dollars as you do with AdSense, and you will be able to get paid. Remember that they make you wait 90 days, which could be annoying.

The PayPal payout is 10 ACH, and the other options are 50, so keep that in mind. If you want to make some quick cash with low payment thresholds, then Sovrn might be a good option. They don’t have a site traffic minimum requirement either, and as long as you leave their tools on your website and you keep driving traffic, you’ll be able to make that money.

I hope, these 5 Adsense Alternatives are surely going to help you monetize your blog even in the absense of google adsense.

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