Class 12 English Grammar Exam Question 2081 Quiz


Grammar and Usage Quiz

a) Principal said to the students, "Can you manage extra classes through virtual process?" (Change it into indirect speech.)

b) Look! The man is laughing out loudly jumping on the floor. He..... (can/must/will/would) be mad. (Choose the correct option)

c) All the books were published in time. (Rewrite the sentence in active voice)

d) He and I..........(is/are/has/have) well until now. (Choose appropriate verb)


e) The garden is beautiful. We spend a lot of time in the garden everyday. (Join the sentences using a relative pronoun)

f) We go on outing every. We always have financial problems.(Use although/in spite/despite/however-whichever is appropriate to join them)

g) The culprit came...... office, walked across the road and got on a bus. (Use appropriate preposition)

h) I can't work as .... as I used to five years ago. (Choose the correct form)

i) After the lesson had finished, we run out of college.

j) We all get wet in the rain had raincoat. (Fill in the blank)

Vocabulary Questions

a) Which of the following words has a different vowel sound from the rest?

b) Now, you can have a go without any delay. In this sentence the word 'go' is a...

c) The children who undergo extreme poverty generally stand firm even in hardships. The word 'undergo' in this sentence has a meaning similar to...

d) Which of the following can be the guide words for the word 'medicine'?

e) The burglar was finally brought to the book by the high court. In this sentence, the phrase 'brought to the book' means...

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