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Introducing The SR Zone App, All-in-One Offline Guide App for Class 12, 11 and 10 English & Nepali Subjects.

"The SR Zone: Class 11,12 Guide" is the official Android app of The SR Zone. This all-in-one offline guide app contains educational notes for subjects such as Class 12 English, Class 12 Nepali, Class 11 English, Class 11 Nepali, and Class 10 English. It includes exercise notes, summaries, video lessons, question answers, grammar solutions, and project work for the mentioned subjects, based on the latest syllabus 2080/2081. This app works without internet, so you can study anytime and anywhere.

Features of "The SR Zone" App

  • Class 12 English & Nepali Notes Guide
  • Class 11 English & Nepali Notes Guide
  • Videos Lessons for greater learning experience
  • Model Questions
  • Simple Language used in the answers to help beginners
  • Notes Based on Latest Syllabus 2080/2081
  • Customizable Font Size to Read at preferred text size
  • Offline App, Runs without internet
  • Fast and Stable App

Screenshots/ Previews of the App:

Disclaimer: This app features educational content from our official YouTube channel, The SR Zone, ensuring a seamless learning experience with videos created and owned by us. This app is not affiliated or associated with YouTube.

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