Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8 Matrittwo Exercise: Questions Answers

Matrittwo Exercise : Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8 full notes and questions and answers solution PDF is provided here.

This article provides exercise and solution guide for Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8 - Matrittwo PDF. A downloadable PDF file is also available at the end of the article which contains all exercise and question answers.

Matrittwo Exercise : Questions Answers Solution

Matrittwo Exercise : Questions Answers Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8

Matrittwo Exercise : Questions Answers Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8

Matrittwo Exercise PDF: Questions Answers Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8

Matrittwo Exercise : Questions Answers Class 12 Nepali Chapter 8

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Matrittwo Summary:

(A) Starting Part Summary

  • Mamata sitting at the window waiting for Subodh,
  • The son did not like to see Subodh coming every day,
  • Mamta assures Subodh that he loves everyone and urges them not to come back one day,
  • Mamata, who lost her husband in a plane crash, lives alone with her two children.
(B) Middle Part Summary

  • The love between Subodh and Mamta, the growing love,
  • In the early days, even though Mamata and Subodh followed each other's wishes, Subodh used to abuse and reprimand the children.
  • Mamata is worried about Subodh's behavior towards her children.
(C) End Part Summary

  • Mamata to Subodh's physical love and selfishness,
  • Abandoning Subodh, realizing that motherhood was restricted while living with him.

Feminist storyteller Bhagirathi Shrestha's feminist story 'Motherhood' has analyzed the inner conflict of women from the perspective of social reality and has shown the fact that mother is greater than heaven. I decided to leave Subodh and spend my whole life with my children thinking that I would not have a beautiful and happy family while living with Subodh and my motherhood would always be frustrated.

In this story, Subodh and Mamata, who have become sympathizers of Mamata, the widowed mother of an orphaned child who lost her spouse in a plane crash, grow closer to each other. She wanted love from Subodh to fulfill her unfulfilled life, to guarantee security and guardianship for herself and her children, but she fell in love with her body only because she loved her body. She begins to hate Subodh for the careless and inhumane treatment she has shown even when her daughter is in the hospital. 

Subodh was sexually thirsty, trying to play with the body of a single woman without mercy, love and compassion. In such a situation, having a relationship with Subodh could be painful. He used to treat Mamata's children as an obstacle in his love and used to irritate them, treat them angrily, ignore them and neglect them. A relationship with such a ruthless man could make one's life even more painful. This would make her motherhood always frustrated. So Mamata's decision seemed appropriate to me.