How Admob eCpm Rates differ by Country? Explained !

Admob eCpm Rates by Country

Admob is an app monetization platform developed by Google that serves banner, interstitial and video ads to mobile apps and websites. CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions”. Admob eCPM rate refers to the amount advertisers pay for every 1,000 ad impressions served.

There is no such thing as "Exact Admob eCPM Rates by Country". While the developed countries audience might provide more eCPMs, there is no specific rate that a country will have. 

Demography is just one factor out of hundreds of other factor that will impact Admob eCPM. So, if you build your application targetting the problems in developed countries, it will help you to better your Admob eCPM ultimately increasing your revenue. 

Admob is also connected to Google Adsense and requires user to fullfill all the criterias that are required by Google Adsense. If you do not know, what Google Adsense is? How Google Adsense CPC rates differ by country? You can read our comprehensive article on that topic available in this website !

How much you can make out of your app and admob ads is all dependent on various factors. But, one of the major factor that effects your admob revenue is user’s geography. 

If you have users from USA, UK, Australia, basically from Top Tier countries, you will earn signficant admob revenue. But, if it’s from the countries like india, pakistan, Nepal, african countries, it will be very less.

Aside user’s geography ie. country, Admob E-cpm rates are greatly influenced by following factors as well: Application Niche, Targeted Audience Age-Group and their buying power, Ad format ( Banner, Interstitial etc), UI Interaction etc.

Factors effecting Admob eCPM Rates

AdMob CPM rates vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Geography – Rates are higher in developed countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia compared to developing nations.
  • App category – Games, entertainment and utility apps get higher rates than news, education, productivity apps.
  • Ad format – Video and full screen ads fetch much higher CPMs than banners and text ads.
  • User demographics – More affluent users who spend more on in-app purchases command higher ad rates.
  • Competition – Popular apps with high demand from advertisers tend to get better CPMs.
  • Ad inventory and fill rate – Apps with a lot of ad inventory relative to demand tend to have lower CPMs.
  • Ad targeting – Highly targeted user segmentation based on interests, behaviors, demographics can improve CPMs.
  • Ad networks – Using mediation to serve ads from multiple sources increases competition and average CPM.

How Admob eCPM Rates differ by Country?

Where you target your app makes a big difference in how much you earn from Admob Ad revenue. Some places pay way more per thousand ads (eCPM) than others.

Generally the richest countries shell out top dollar. Places in Western Europe and North America usually have higher eCPM values since people have more cash to spend.

Conversely, developing markets tend to have lower rates. When users don't have as much buying power, advertisers don't want to pay as much to reach them.

So if you want to maximize profits, developed countries with wealthier customers should be higher on your priority list. Their ad prices are primed for bigger payouts compared to growing markets still working their way up economically.

Knowing who's willing to spend the most on your app's ads is half the battle of optimizing your monetization globally. Factoring in region's spending power helps you target high eCPM territory.

While pinpointing exact rates can be elusive, certain countries consistently exhibit higher eCPMs. In this blog post, we'll see the top 10 countries where developers can potentially maximize their AdMob earnings.

United States

When it comes to rates for mobile ads, the US stays at the top of the leaderboard year after year.

That's because advertisers in America know mobile users there have great buying power. The US has a massive market for tossing money at ads.

Developers benefit hugely from all that advertiser demand. It drives up what companies are willing to pay per thousand ads. The competition in the US ad market means higher eCPM returns consistently.

As long as you make apps that suit American users, you stand to earn well above average. All those wealthy potential customers mean serious incentive for advertisers to outbid each other for prime access. Easy money indeed!

The robust US scene ensures developers get paid top eCPM again and again. No shortage of big bucks sponsors gunning for their piece of that pie stateside.

United Kingdom

The UK is well known for its people being really into new technology. Because of that, advertisers are willing to pay good money to reach audiences there. App makers creating things for British audience seriously have a very good opportunity.

The high eCPMs in the UK are further fueled by strong demand from advertisers wanting quality connections with people. They know the people in the UK are engaged with tech gadgets and online services. If you develop an app that British people find useful or fun, you've got a decent chance to make some money from ads shown alongside it.

Just don't forget to make the user experience great too. Users won't keep using something that's annoying or doesn't really help them out. But if you nail that part, the financial benefits of targeting the UK market could be well worth it for an indie dev.


Apps targeting users in Australia could see some good revenue from ads. That's because Aussies tend to have money to spend, and advertisers know people there are big into internet stuff.

A big factor is that digital advertising is booming Down Under. Companies want to reach more people online, so they're willing to pay more per click or impression to get their ads in front of Australian audiences.

If you design your app with Australian users in mind, you might have a better shot at making some nice ad revenue. Take the time to understand what kinds of things Aussies like and need. Make sure it works well for them and solves real problems or is fun to use.

Follow their style too - think laidback more than stuffy. As long as you help people and respect their tastes, those high eCPM rates could mean more profits rolling in. Just don't forget that the user experience still comes first whatever market you target.


Canada is a pretty good market to aim your mobile app at. Canada is economically a developed nation. This country has great exposure to internet and tech. They have a great buying power too as most people in canada are financially in good state.

That means advertisers will pay good money to reach Canadian users. So in Canada, eCPM rates usually stay high, which is great for developers.

If you build an app with Canadians in mind, you could see some solid ad earnings as a result. Make it useful for the kinds of things they like doing online and on mobile. As long as it provides value for users there, the money-making chances are favorable compared to many other countries too.

So take the time to get a feel for their tastes and needs. Design something they'll enjoy using. Then you stand a good shot at benefitting from that thriving ecosystem and tech-loving population up north.


Norway could be a smart market to focus your mobile app on. Being a developed country, advertisers have taken notice - they're willing to pay well to reach Norwegian audiences because they know people there use their devices a lot and have a great buying power. So eCPMs tend to stay pretty high.

That means if you make an app that caters well to Norwegian users, there's good coin to be made from ads. Get to know what types of stuff really resonates with them. Craft something useful or fun they'll enjoy using.

Catering the design and content to their tastes could open the door to some solid earnings. Their high mobile obsession and engagement translates to money potential for developers. So consider optimizing for Norway - it may boost your app's revenue.


Germany looks like it could be a sweet spot to aim your app at. Their economy is booming, so loads of people have cash to splash on mobile games and such.

When advertisers are hungry to get their ads noticed by an audience, it drives up what they're willing to pay. That's good news for developers, as it means the rates you can earn from ads (eCPMs) stay fairly high in Germany.

So catering your app specifically for German users' interests could lead to some nice additional profits. Make it useful or entertaining for them, and those competitive eCPM rates may help boost your bottom line too. Definitely worth considering as a key focus area.


If you make something that really hits the mark with what Swedes enjoy, it might fatten your wallet a fair bit. Their whole population is super connected online too.

Swedes sure do love their tech - phones, tablets, you name it. That makes Sweden a juicy prospect if you're trying to rake in ad dollars for your app.

Take the time to learn what Swedes actually want from an app. Make yours cater perfectly to their tastes. That strategy could well lift your revenues, thanks to their high digital connection and ad rates.


The Swiss market looks pretty sweet for mobile developers. Their people have cash to spend and love their tech toys too.

That means advertisers are eager to reach users in Switzerland. And when advertisers are chasing an audience, they'll pay more per click or impression through ad networks.

So eCPM rates in Switzerland tend to stay pretty high, providing nice potential for developers. Tailor your app to what matters to Swiss folks and what they enjoy.

Get it right for their tastes and lifestyles, and optimizing for that market could lead to increased earnings. With their wealthy, tech-savvy population, it's a demographic worth keeping an eye on for revenue boosts. Just make sure users actually like your app too!


Denmark is pretty financially set country with high spending potential audience. Because of that heavy mobile adoption and engagement, advertisers are eager to reach people in Denmark. 

That demand drives up what networks like AdMob can charge, so Danish eCPM rates tend to stay favorable.

If you make your app specifically to Danes' interests, that could unlock a nice potential revenue boost then. 


The Netherlands looks like it could be a sweet spot for mobile developers too. The whole country's pretty well-off financially. Combine that with their tech obsession and you've got advertisers eager to reach people there.

High demand from advertisers is good news for developers because it drives up what ad networks charge per click or impression (eCPM rates). And in the Netherlands, those rates tend to stay reasonably high.

So optimize your app for Dutch tastes and you might see a nice boost to your bottom line from all those premium ad rates. Definitely one to consider!

So in summary, Admob eCPMs are quite dynamic and maximizing ad revenue involves optimizing all these factors as far as possible. The typical range for AdMob is $0.20-$10 CPM on average. You can also use Admob Revenue Calculator tool to estimate your revenue based on your trargeted user’s geography, platform and application category.


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