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Welcome to The SR Zone - the ultimate online resource for Class 11 Nepali students! We have created this website to make your Class 11 studies much more easier. You'll find everything you need for Class 11 Nepali subject in one place - notes, study guides, model questions practice questions and more.

The notes cover the entire Class 11 Nepali curriculum and explains everything clearly. This way you'll understand the lessons properly. You can view the notes from our Android App The SR Zone, when you don't have internet.

Unit Chapters Exercise
1. Bir Purkha Notes
2. Gaunko Maya Notes
3. Sanskritiko Naya yatra Notes
4. Yogmaya Notes
5. Sathi lai Chithi Notes
6. Tyo Feri Farkala Notes
7. Paryaparyatanka Sambhabana ra Ayam Notes
8. Lau Aayo Taja Khabar Notes
9. Safaltako Katha Notes
10. Krishi Sala ma Ek din Notes
11. Rara Vraman Notes
12. Jal Srot ra Urja Notes

The complete guide for Class 11 Nepali Book have been listed above. You can use any of the links and click on the chapter name to go straight to that chapter's exercise solutions.

You can download our "Class 11 Nepali Notes 2081" App for Android from Play Store and access the notes offline. 

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Features of Class 11 Nepali Notes 2081

Key Features of Our Class 11 Nepali Guide Notes include:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed notes on all chapters, following the NEB curriculum.
  2. Offline App : Notes can be accessed from The SR Zone android app without internet
  3. PDF Downloads: Easy access to notes for offline study.
  4. Digital and Free: Fully digital notes available at no cost.
  5. Created by a Student, for Students: Developed based on my personal study experiences and proven to assist in achieving high grades.
  6. Includes Summaries and Video Explanations: Summaries for quick revision and video tutorials for complex concepts.
  7. Accessible Anywhere: Available on my website and through the "Class 11 Nepali Notes 2081" Android app.

I wanted to share some awesome things that make these notes unique from any other notes available online. 

Unlike other guides, mine is completely digital, genuine ( not copied from anywhere else ), and free so you can access it online anytime without paying any penny. 

Second, I made this note collection when I was studying in my Class 11. So, I had to use these notes to prepare for my own exams as well. It means, I had to give my best. So, these notes helped me get A+ in Nepali. Similarly, it helped thousands of other students and teachers who were struggling in this subject as well. 

Third, It has answers to all the textbook exercises, full chapter summaries and my video explanations make Class 11 Nepali subject a breeze.

What's really unique is I also made tutorial videos for tricky grammar concepts and each chapters for better understanding. Those are all avilable on my YouTube channel The SR Zone. So whether you learn better reading or watching, I've got you covered with my notes.

Now you can easily study Nepali from your phone or laptop. No need for heavy books - just open these notes anywhere.

I wanted to make the subject as simple to understand as possible. This guide really takes the stress out of preparation.

About Class 11 Nepali Guide Notes

"Class 11 Nepali Guide 2081" is Nepal's pioneering e-guide for the Class 11 Nepali subject. It includes answers to all textbook exercises, comprehensive chapter summaries, and is the first fully digital guide aimed at making your study process as convenient as possible.

How to Access the Notes?

Here are the different ways to access study materials on The SR Zone:


  • Visit on your computer or mobile browser.
  • All notes and resources can be found on the detailed website interface.

Mobile App:

  • Download 'The SR Zone' app from the Google Play Store.
  • It is optimised for mobile use and allows offline access to materials.
  • All notes, summaries and solutions are available on the app.

Benefits of Using This Guide:

  • Digital Format: Study from your phone or laptop without the need for heavy textbooks.
  • Clear and Organized: Aims to simplify subjects and reduce preparation stress.
  • Free Resource: No cost involved; a completely free educational tool.
  • Supports Offline Learning: Downloadable content for studying without an internet connection.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the "Class 11 Nepali Guide 2081" will not only give you notes but ensure you score high marks. With full coverage, key points, step-by-step solutions, and offline use, it has all you need to truly learn Nepali well. I hope you will use this guide to begin your learning journey today!

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 : All Notes PDF Solution

Additional Resources:

For further support, don't miss out on downloading the "The SR Zone App" for offline access to these resources, available exclusively on the Google Play Store and our website, Start your journey to mastering the Class 11 Nepali curriculum today with our expert guide.

Remember, these notes are crafted with care by The SR Zone, driven by a mission to simplify your study experience. I've poured my knowledge and personal study experiences into creating a resource that's detailed, easy to follow, and tailored to help you succeed.

Thank you for choosing our guide, and best of luck in your studies!

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